We’re happy that you’re happy

The numbers from our annual SCSI's are in, and we couldn't be happier.

When we started doing annual SCSI’s (Swedish Customer Satisfaction Index) in 2012, we were still a very small company. And we knew all of our clients well (that hasn’t changed). But we still wanted an anonymous metric of how satisfied our clients were, and what we could improve on (that hasn’t changed either).

What we found was positive. Really positive. And in fact, the numbers are actually increasingly positive as the years go by. Those of you who know things about CSI’s, have told us 70 is a result to be proud of. This year we got 83.

We’re especially happy about one result this year: the one that indicates how much our clients believe in our ability to deliver on our environmental promises. Perhaps because sustainability has always been an important issue to us, and now it’s finally on everyone’s agenda. Companies are being scrutinized more than ever – and we welcome everything that evolves our industry.

Other news

New briquettes with 100% biocarbon
July 2, 2024
Flor, our Development Engineer, has truly brought a lot of energy and competence to the team. Since joining us, she has placed emphasis on our investment in producing briquettes with 100 percent biocarbon.
One paper sack to rule them all
June 20, 2024
A paper sack might not sound all that thrilling to everyone, but we are, in fact, very excited whenever we get to talk about our paper sack packaging facility.