The art of briquetting

Since you're here we can only assume you've heard about briquetting. You might also know that there are different reasons and ways to make briquettes. But what's ours? How did briquettes become a staple of the metallurgical industry?
A more sustainable choice

Let’s put it simple: our main goal is to help our customers, as well as the industry, become more sustainable. And by using a briquetting technique we are able to employ secondary raw materials and take care of our customer’s own waste.

This way we have total control of the process, which gives us the opportunity to really customize the block to a specific need. For instance, we can add carbon to the mix in order to reduce the metal oxide in oxidic waste.

By transforming the material from finer grain to piece goods, you also get a more predictable product with better yield. Furthermore, briquetting reduces the usage of virgin raw materials, lowers material costs and enables a circular use of waste.

A complex process

But as with every material, working with briquettes involves some challenges. The biggest is probably the actual handling of the materials. When you work with waste materials for instance, they tend to look very different depending on their origin. Some are wet, some are large chunks, some fine dust. And the challenge here is to create a facility that can handle all of them. You also need to find the right binder, and consequently the right amount of binder. Since no two materials are the same, this puts a lot of pressure on the people working in production. Luckily, we have been able to create a great facility in Västerås and, most of all, we’ve found
amazing people to manage it.

That doesn’t mean we’re resting on our laurels though. As times change, so do our customers’ requests, and we’re always looking into further briquetting and agglomeration possibilities to meet them. We also work to develop the skills of our staff, so that more of us have an understanding of how a good briquette should be manufactured. Even the existing facility is constantly being developed, to increase capacity and achieve trouble-free production with as little downtime as possible.

Away to develop and learn

Since the facility was inaugurated in 2012 the curiosity in our business has only increased. And for the last couple of years we’ve had more eyes on us than ever before, due to our work with biocarbon. Which we love, for multiple reasons. One being the fact that it keeps us on our toes – we simply need to stay efficient and relevant to make room for new interesting projects and

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