Spiltan – New owner comes in – gives an even stronger and longer-term Carbomax

Carbomax operations started in 1992 and the core is expertise in adapting and optimizing the use of coal, ferroalloys, and metals in the processes of steel mills and foundries.

For more than ten years, Carbomax has also been briquetting waste from the iron and steel industry, to provide more efficient recycling of metals, reduce the use of virgin raw materials and limit the need for landfills. For a few years now, Carbomax has been working intensively to be able to add biocarbon to mixtures and briquettes.

During the spring of 2022, discussions were held between Carbomax and Spiltan Invest and now in July Carbomax will have a capital-strong minority owner in the company. Spiltan Invest is an investment company, which has invested in several interesting Swedish growth companies for over 20 years and often at the level of 20 – 40% co-ownership. This provides a particularly good opportunity to operate and develop Carbomax with the same goals and based on the same values as before and meet customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders with an even stronger Carbomax to keep up with our customers and the development of the Nordic steel industry and foundries. Carbomax vision remains that our products and services will contribute to creating a sustainable and competitive metallurgical industry in Northern Europe.

Per Håkan Börjesson, founder of Spiltan, says, “at Spiltan we are delighted to now be a part of Carbomax. We are an investment company that once started with a capital of SEK 200,000. Since then, we have, step by step, investment for investment, built up a portfolio of fantastic Swedish growth companies, which are now estimated to be worth more than SEK 7.5 billion. We are good at helping companies grow and support when different challenges arise. Since we ourselves have started and run companies – including Spiltan Fonder, which has become one of Sweden’s most successful independent fund companies – we know what this means and appreciate the work required from all employees in a company that is developing.

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