Predicting the future market

There has been a lot of talk about a bear market lately. But if we zoom in specifically on our little slice of the market, on the metallurgical industry, you rather see a stabilization lately. And the producers of raw materials we've spoken to are actually cautiously optimistic.

However, while it’s stabilizing, the industry’s also going through huge changes. One piece of the explanation puzzle to why this is happening right now, as far as we can tell, is the EU’s new ban on selling non-emission-free cars after 2035. Because as the demand for sustainable materials increases, the producers now need to put more effort than ever into new solutions – both from an energy saving point of view as well as for how to use the raw materials.

Partly as a way to meet our customers’ demand and partly to step up our work with the GHG protocol and scope 3, we’ve recently started contacting producers in order to examine their sustainability data. Most of our suppliers already have good control of the entire chain – from the input materials and their origins, to the energy sources producing their electricity and their overall carbon footprint. But for some, especially those with a smaller production, this is quite a tall order. Some also look to us and our expertise, to find solutions and ways to come up with the right data.

As a next step, starting in Q3, we’ll dive into all the data we’ve collected and analyze it, in order to see which materials to focus on. And we’re firmly convinced that this can provide a useful indication of what the needs of the future market will look like.

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