Welcome to the annual Nordic Alloy Seminar!

Come discuss the development of the metallurgical industry. Welcome to the annual Nordic Alloy Seminar!

What: the annual Nordic Alloy Seminar, this year with the theme the latest in alloy development, raw material availability, and market trends for alloys used by the steel and foundry industry

When: May 11–12 2023

Where: at the Steam Hotel in Västerås

How much: 1, 850 SEK/person – including food, drinks, and optional participation in our golf competition May 12

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Registration for the Nordic Alloy Seminar 2023 is now closed. But keep your eyes peeled, we’ll be back next year!



Other news

Change in Carbomax management
September 7, 2023
Carbomax has grown rapidly. In five years, we have doubled our revenue and established ourselves as a supplier of secondary source coal, biocarbon, metals and ferroalloys. The company has also built a distinctly environmental profile. These are developments that we, the board, laud. We are also excitedly looking forward towards continuing this journey.
Predicting the future market
June 8, 2023
There has been a lot of talk about a bear market lately. But if we zoom in specifically on our little slice of the market, on the metallurgical industry, you rather see a stabilization lately. And the producers of raw materials we've spoken to are actually cautiously optimistic.