Change in Carbomax management

Carbomax has grown rapidly. In five years, we have doubled our revenue and established ourselves as a supplier of secondary source coal, biocarbon, metals and ferroalloys. The company has also built a distinctly environmental profile. These are developments that we, the board, laud. We are also excitedly looking forward towards continuing this journey.

As the company has grown, so too have leadership demands. As a direct consequence thereof, Catharina, in a mutual decision with the board, has chosen to step down as CEO. This to make room for new leadership able to take the company to the next level.

Catharina emphasizes that she is proud of, together with the Carbomax team, having been able to fortify the company’s position as a reliable and sustainable supplier to the metallurgic industry in the Nordics. Carbomax’s establishment of biocarbon and new, secondary sources of carbon, have been pivotal to future progress.

– It has been a privilege to lead the company at a time when the Swedish steel industry is expanding and spearheading the shift towards fossil free steel production. Through dedicated work, broad cooperation, and commitment to sustainability, Carbomax is a highly attractive employer with a strong reputation. I wish Carbomax and its lovely staff good luck on the continuing growth journey.

Catharina will remain at the company’s disposal for a period of time to enable the transition and answer questions. Per Nyström has accepted the role of deputy CEO, and Carina Andersson will step in as executive chairwoman.

The board would like to thank Catharina for many devoted and committed years at the position. Catharina has worked both hard and dedicatedly to establish Carbomax as a trustworthy supplier of innovative solutions for the steel- and foundry industries.

The board will now initiate a recruitment process. We have chosen to work with a recruitment firm specializing in the steel industry to aid us along the way. Our ambition is to introduce a new CEO within six months.

Kind regards,
The board through Carina Andersson, Chairman of the board

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